Consumer Protection Notice

(TREC No. CN 1-2)

New Consumer Notice Requirements

Inspectors must provide notice to consumers and service recipients regarding the ability to file a complaint with TREC and the availability of the Inspector Recovery Fund. TREC has combined both notices into one Consumer Protection Notice (TREC No. CN 1-2). As of February 1, 2016, TREC rules require inspectors to post the notice in a readily noticeable location in each place of business maintained by the inspector (§535.220). If an inspector has a business website, he or she is also required to post a link to the notice on that website. The link must be in a readily noticeable place on the home page of the website and must be labeled “Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection Notice” in at least a 10-point font.

The purpose of the required notice is to provide consumers important information in a readily accessible way. Section 1102.364 (TOC) also allows additional methods to provide the required notice to consumers about the Inspector Recovery Fund if an inspector does not have a place of business or a business website.